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Today in Britain over 500 Doctors, Nurses and Teachers will be verbally and physically abused, assaulted and threatened by the people they care for...

Pinpoint is the UK's leading supplier of Staff Personal Alarm Systems for use by people at risk of violence in the workplace.

Pinpoint was founded in 1992 specifically to develop, manufacture and install reliable, easy-to-use systems for protecting staff at risk of violence whilst at work. This is our overriding focus and will always be so.

research and development With a large investment in Research and Development as well as in Customer Support and Care, we are able to respond rapidly to the needs of a changing working environment to produce products and services that are appropriate and affordable. You can have confidence in Pinpoint Systems.

They work!
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range of Staff Personal Alarm Systems include Pinpoint 5000 Advanced - Emergency and assistance calling for Staff in Need Plus Patient Call and Two-way Voice Communication. Of course, Pinpoint also has a solution for installing and supporting your Pinpoint System, with Priority Service Advanced.

Whatever your staff safety needs, Pinpoint has the solution for you.
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