Pinpoint office

All over the world, Pinpoint is helping to protect staff who work
where there is the potential for violence against them.

Who We Are


After the firePinpoint was founded in 1992, by the current Executive Chairman and the late Steven Wood specifically to develop, manufacture and install reliable, easy-to-use systems for protecting staff at risk of violence whilst at work. From the first system, installed in 1993 in North London, to today with thousands of systems installed throughout Great Britain, Ireland, the U.S.A. and the Middle East, we have pursued our original goal relentlessly and successfully. We have listened carefully to our customers, developed innovative and appropriate solutions to satisfy their requirements and contributed significantly to the safety and well-being of at-risk staff wherever they may work.

On the night of 12/13 April 2009, Pinpoint's head office was destroyed by fire.  All our product inventory was gone but luckily most of our customer records were intact and our server back-up tape was safe.  On 13th April, we were offered a conference room in a nearby building by Lauder College and told we could have it for as long as we needed it.  We began to plan our way forward.  All of us were very shocked by what had happened but we were determined to pull through.  Suppliers and sub-contractors rallied round and new product began to be manufactured urgently to replace the £400,000 worth that had been lost.  No-one asked for money up front or applied special terms.  Our policy of always paying suppliers on time had paid off.

We were offered and accepted accommodation in the Sea Cadets building some 50 yards away from the burnt out shell of our head office and with the addition of several Portakabins, we camped there in cramped conditions until we were able to make the transfer to our current building some seven months later.  Very few of our customers were ever aware of what had happened.  Priority Service had continued to install cable infrastructure for Pinpoint Systems and we were able to install hardware with only a few weeks delay.  We remain extremely grateful for all the support we received during this very difficult time, not least from our MP, Lindsay Roy.


Shirt Pinpoint believes in investing in the local and wider community - to put something back into where people are from, where our business comes from and where our investment can help the general good. We sponsor East Fife Football Club and Edinburgh Capitals Ice Hockey Club - the football stadium is just across the road from our head office and Edinburgh is where our largest customer is located.

We are proud users of the 'Positive About Disabled People' symbol and actively recruit people with disabilities.

We support a wide range of charities - locally, nationally and internationally - from Quarriers in Scotland to the Terrence Higgins Trust in the U.K. and the Emergency Nurses Association Foundation in the U.S.A.


SunsetHere at Pinpoint we are concerned about and care for our environment. Our head office building was built to a high energy efficiency specification to minimise energy demand and employs a number of strategies, including:-
  • Increased insulation and efficient glazing to minimise heat loss and unwanted heat gain
  • Natural ventilation to remove the need for air conditioning
  • A layout that maximises natural daylight to minimise the need for artificial lighting
  • Efficient lighting and control systems
  • A geothermal source heat pump, also recovering waste heat from the fuel cell and electrolysis unit, to provide much of the heating and hot water for the building
  • A wind turbine which provides electricity to the grid

Our vehicles are all powered by fuel-efficient, low-emission diesel engines and we have one all-electric car.

Our manufacturing processes minimise waste and allow us to recycle many products and components, and we design new products, such as the Perpetual PIT, with environmental concerns in mind.

Our Core Values


quality controlOur people are our main business asset. Their skills make us better than our competitors. They are treated equally, fairly and rewarded competitively and we behave towards each other with honesty, compassion and respect. This ensures that we attract the best people and retain the excellent people we already have.

We value an open culture where people are prepared to give and receive constructive feedback. We encourage people to contribute ideas that improve the business - we expect everyone to be part of the team. We want to be thought of as professional, the best at what we do and focussed on quality.


Stress toy nurse Strong relationships with our customers are vital to our business. We nurture these relationships, to understand what our customers want and how we can best deliver it. We expect everyone in Pinpoint to make a contribution to building positive customer relationships.

We welcome candid feedback from our customers, because it helps us to improve and stay focussed on what they need. We also recognise that our view of the facts of any situation may be very different from the perception of our customer so we will always take the time to understand an issue completely from the customer's perspective and to explain matters carefully from our viewpoint, with empathy and patience.

While it is good to be "liked" - it is more important that we are respected for our focus on quality, professionalism and our integrity.


r+dWe take decisions based on what is the best and the safest way to do things rather than on the basis of what is the cheapest or easiest. This means that in designing each Pinpoint product and deciding what components are used, we give the most careful consideration to performance, accuracy, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and resilience. It may only be the once that the Pinpoint System is used to call for help but that once could save someone's life.

This quality approach is the reason why our Systems use reliable infrared to activate them; use distributed intelligence rather than a central controller or PC; utilise a ring cabling system rather than a star layout; use robust design shapes like the cylindrical Personal Infrared Transmitter and the low-profile Over Door Light; and use robust materials like polycarbonate and ABS.


Designer at workWe actively look for better ways of doing things, never satisfied with 'good enough'. Our culture encourages people to collaborate, share ideas across our organisation and learn from each other. We recognise that not all new ideas succeed but we test them quickly and learn early without taking large risks.

Our people are central to this approach. Applying ideas that improve tools, processes, and systems only work because our people have the skills and attitudes that embrace innovation.

Financial Responsibility

CoinsWe expect to receive fair reward for our business performance. Consequently, we expect to be paid on time just as we expect to pay our suppliers on time.

We carefully manage financial risk and demand clear reporting of financial performance in our business. Our business strategy is based on steady growth by selecting only those jobs we are able to deliver safely, to specification, on time and profitably. The financial success of Pinpoint is our customers' best guarantee of our continuing support in the future.


We act openly and with honesty - our code of ethics sets the minimum standard for our behaviour. People have different values - we respect this and set our own minimum standards which all of our employees must follow. We will ensure that all of our operational activities comply with all applicable rules, regulations and other requirements.

We will investigate any ethical violations or complaints and take appropriate action.

Our long-term reputation depends on doing the right thing within these core values - even if it adversely affects our business prospects in the short-term.