Pinpoint Systems are free from false alarms and highlight
only genuine cases of need, maximizing staff response.

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Newsletters, Articles and Case Studies

Newsletter 1: Daleham House, King's College Hospital.
Newsletter 2: Secure child accommodation, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, King's College Hospital.
Newsletter 3: Selly Oak Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, Argyll & Bute Hospital.
Newsletter 4: Cygnet Health Care, Edenfield Centre, Penn Hospital.
L.I.F.E. Tech: West Alabama Mental Health.
The Spirit: Monthly newsletter for VCU Health System employees.

Personal Infrared Transmitters and Pagers

Call Button Units

Infrared Receiver Units

Display Units and Over Door Lights

Communications and System Monitoring

System - General

Pinpoint ACE

Method of Installation, Central Services and Type of Cable

Method of installation

PCBsAddressable Receiver Units, Display Units, Over Door Lights and Communications Units must be wired on the Data Ring.
Receiver Units to be programmed as Slaves (sharing an address of another) and Patient Call Buttons are spurred from the Addressable Receiver Units.

There should be no more than 40 units of any kind attached to one ring.
Rings should be no more than 250m in total length.

All Receiver Units should, wherever possible, be located centrally on the ceiling. No Receiver Unit should be located closer than 1500mm from a fluorescent light.

Receiver Units located in corridors or large rooms should be spaced not more than 18 metres apart to give best coverage. In external areas Receivers should be spaced no more than 10-15 m depending on conditions.

DO NOT run the Data Ring near mains cables or mains switching equipment.

The Display Units should preferably be located 1500mm above floor-level or satisfactory eye level.

Central Services
Power Supplies/Data Ring Junction Boxes should be located centrally on the installation, providing the shortest Data and power routes to all locations and thus minimising any power losses in the cable.

Type of cable
All connections MUST be made using Pinpoint cable. Product Model 708A.
For external use Product Model 709.

Installation - Which Back Box to Use

Required Types of Back Box and Codes:
Single Gang 35mm Deep
Single Gang 32mm Deep
Single Gang 46mm Deep
Single Gang 44mm Deep
Double Gang 35mm Deep
Double Gang 32mm Deep
Double Gang 47mm Deep
Double Gang 44mm Deep
Height = 134mm
Width = 194mm
Depth = 43mm
Fascia = 222 x 143mm
Height = 143mm
Width = 222mm
Depth = 39mm
Fascia = 222 x 143mm
* For Flush Fit in suspended ceiling use Appleby Dry Lining Boxes, 35mm Deep.

Product Model Numbers with Box Code:
317 A 637 D 353.5 PP
492 C 132 C 353.7 D
493 C 132.1 C 391.1 PP
493.1 C 132.2 C 391.2 PP
493.2 C 132.3 C 391.3 PP
592 C 133 A 392 PP
594 C 133.1 A 360 A
594.1 C 133.2 A 360.1 A
594.2 C 133.3 A 360.2 A
690 C 133.4 A 360.3 A
692 C 219 C 360.5 A
332 A 296 C 360.6 A
333 A 476 C 363 PP
434 PP 476.1 C 365 B
434.1 PP 476.2 C 367 C
435 PP 349 B 373 B
435.1 PP 349.1 C 373.2 B
534 PP 349.2 C 374 B
534.1 PP 349.3 C 178 C
535 PP 349.5 C 296 C
535.1 PP 350 PP  
636 D 353.3/4 A

N.B. If conduit is to be used then 25mm conduit is recommended. This may need to be larger at a Junction Box because of the number of cables.