A Complete Security Environment

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For more than 20 years, Pinpoint has been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining Staff Personal Alarm Systems to make staff safer at work. These systems have become vital to the way that services have been delivered and have provided staff with peace of mind.

But did you realize that Pinpoint can provide you with a complete security environment for your building? Placing the Pinpoint Staff Personal Alarm System at the centre of your security system makes sense. Not only will all of the different systems integrate but they will also be able to interact. So, for example, an unauthorized access to a drugs cupboard can raise a call on the Pinpoint System and send a message to a pager; an incident in a garden which results in a staff member raising an emergency call on the Pinpoint System can cause the CCTV system to record and keep the video footage for a specified time either side of the incident for examination and analysis later; an emergency incident in a ward can cause the access control system to "lock-down" that ward, allowing access to response or security staff only, preventing access to visitors or domestic staff until the incident is over.

Pinpoint can supply, install and maintain all of the systems that you may require and the installation and maintenance will be all to Pinpoint’s rigorous standards with 24/7 service response according to your requirements.

Access Control

Pinpoint Advanced Access is an IP-based access control system which can interact with Pinpoint's Staff Personal Alarm System.

CCTV image courtesy of khunaspix / FreeDigitalPhotos.net