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Pinpoint are UK leading developers of personal staff attack alarm systems designed to suit environments where staff are at risk of violence in the workplace.

About Us

Pinpoint is a family run business founded in 1992 in Leven, Scotland, by the late Executive Chairman, John Waring, specifically to develop, manufacture and install reliable, easy-to-use systems for protecting staff at risk of violence in the workplace.

From the first system installed in 1993 in North London, to today with thousands of systems installed internationally, and offices in Scotland, England, Ireland and USA, Pinpoint continue to provide unrivalled products and services that bring personal security and peace of mind in the workplace.

What makes us different?

Our systems are designed to provide security in the workplace. That means all Pinpoint products are given careful consideration towards performance, accuracy, efficiency, reliability and resilience.

To guarantee the highest possible level of performance, we take extra steps to ensure our systems are activated and distributed using the most advanced technologies and intelligence, and that robust materials are used to safeguard against the environments to which they operate. 

We also use Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology, a substance incorporated into the product to protect it and reduce the ability of mircrobe growth.

Biomaster ensures effective antimicrobial product protection for the effective lifetime of the product, reducing bacterial levels on the surface and therefore, the opportunity for them to spread.

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