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Pinpoint’s award-winning staff safety systems are installed in high-risk settings across the Island of Ireland

Supporting high-risk workplaces in Ireland

Based in Dublin, Pinpoint’s expert team offer effective, tailored safety solutions for businesses across Ireland where staff are at risk of violence. 


Our Irish team will work efficiently to understand your workplace’s security needs and identify the right staff safety system to protect your employees.

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Pinpoint in Ireland

Servicing over 11 health boards in Ireland, Pinpoint is the leading provider of safety systems to NHS Ireland and the Health Service Executive.

Pinpoint's staff safety alarms can be found in hospitals, mental health facilities, schools, and many more high-risk work environments in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Find more about our work on St. Brigid’s Hospital in Ballinasloe, Galway here.


“With Pinpoint’s staff safety systems installed, staff are reassured of their safety at work and know they can call for help in the event of any emergency.”

Maria Donnellan, Clinical Nurse Manager 3 at St. Brigid’s Hospital.

Meet our Irish Team

Our Dublin office is headed up by John McSwiggan, a highly experienced Sales Engineer with over twenty years in the sector.


John is known for his extensive knowledge and expertise in staff attack systems, which enable him to quickly and decisively understand clients' security needs and identify the best safety system for them. An Irish native, he has a deep understanding of the market and safety requirements for businesses in Ireland.

John is focused on delivering the best for clients and provides ongoing support for Pinpoint system end-users across Ireland and Northern Ireland.


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