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4 Ways staff safety systems reduce staff stress

30 Nov 2023

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Violence against staff can have a devastating impact, both physically and mentally. It's not just a matter of personal harm - it also affects workplace morale and can lead to an increase in stress-related sick leave. Recognising the connection between staff safety and wellbeing, the importance of staff attack systems in high-risk workplaces is all the more evident.

To create a secure and stress-free work environment, here are four effective ways businesses can utilise staff safety systems to protect their teams and promote productivity.

Investment in staff safety

Investing in employee safety and wellbeing is paramount for reducing workplace stress. When companies genuinely care for their staff, they create a happier work environment where employees know they are valued. This sense of security goes a long way in preventing stress associated with the fear of potential attacks. Allocating resources to find the right staff safety systems not only ensures the safety of your employees but also strengthens the bond between employees and their employers, creating a collaborative and productive work environment.

Explore our case studies to see how various businesses, from mental health facilities to nursing homes, have benefited from implementing Pinpoint staff safety systems.

Ensuring staff safety with a rapid response

Staff safety systems primarily focus on protecting staff members from physical violence. The constant threat of violence negatively affects staff morale and can lead to increased absenteeism. Pinpoint's P2 system allows staff to quickly call for assistance when dealing with hostile service users. This efficient response system enables responders to arrive promptly and intervene before a serious attack occurs. Knowing that fellow colleagues can intervene and deescalate the situation provides peace of mind to all employees, allowing them to carry out their tasks without constantly anticipating a potential assault. This assurance empowers employees and contributes to a safer work environment.

Enhancing patient safety and staff peace of mind

In environments where patient safety is of utmost importance, it is crucial to have staff attack systems in place. These systems not only support the wellbeing of healthcare professionals but also protect vulnerable residents. For example, Pinpoint's Wrist PIT allows patients to immediately call for help during emergencies, which is particularly beneficial for the elderly who may be prone to falls.

In high-risk healthcare settings like mental health facilities and nursing homes, patients may exhibit aggressive behaviours towards each other.  Personal alarms for patients serve as a way to send distress signals and location-based alerts to security and care staff. This guarantees swift assistance and reduces the potential for injuries.

These patient systems allow staff to focus on the job at hand and deliver high-quality patient care.

Alarms as a deterrent

In settings where the Pinpoint system is installed, staff often see a reduction in violent attacks taking place. Simply knowing that staff have access to immediate support acts as a deterrent for service-users, as was the case for Carrongrange School where the number of assaults on teachers lessened following the installation of the Pinpoint system.

This added layer of protection results in reduced stress levels, allowing employees to focus on their tasks without the constant fear of security threats.

Interested in learning more about our P2 System? Visit our product page here.

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