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Alarm systems for businesses: Choosing the right safety system for your company

15 Jun 2024

Pinpoint alarm system
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Over the decades we have collaborated with a wide variety of businesses across many sectors, all with differing needs and challenges, yet with one common goal: to protect their staff and service users.

As a result, we are well versed in the considerations involved in choosing a safety alarm system for businesses no matter their size or specific requirements.

In this guide, we explore the elements you should consider when seeking the right alarm system for your business.

Key Considerations

Durability and use

Firstly, it’s important to take into account your area of business and frequency of alarm usage. In a retail setting, staff safety alarms may be used less frequently when compared with a high-risk correctional facility, where demand may be greater.

The extent of alarm use influences many aspects of your alarm system; devices that are used multiple times a day should be robust, and able to withstand daily wear and tear.

Additionally, in environments like hospitals or mental health settings where alarms may be installed in bathrooms, opting for water-resistant materials is essential.

Area of Coverage

The size of your premises and the extent of coverage required are significant considerations when selecting a safety alarm system. Businesses should look for highly reliable, efficient and powerful systems – like those offered by Pinpoint – that can cover large spaces with multiple sites.

Because our staff attack alarms do not rely on WIFI connectivity to function, which can be unreliable, the Pinpoint P2 System can be used across multiple wards, in areas of no coverage and even outdoors. Employing highly sensitive infrared reception ensures comprehensive protection throughout the entire premises.

User Considerations

Any personal alarm should be easy to use in an emergency and quick to activate. Accessibility and speed are therefore major factors to consider when reviewing staff alarm systems for businesses.

Personal Inferred Transmitters (PITs) are a key element of the Pinpoint system. These wearable personal alarms, when activated, transmit signals to alert security personnel. Discreet, lightweight and quick to activate, the Pinpoint PIT is designed to perform in high-risk settings where staff may need to swiftly call for assistance instantly.

You can explore our range of PIT options to identify the model that best aligns with your specific business requirements here.

Security Integration

Another factor to consider is whether your business would benefit from an integrated security system. Staff safety alarms can be integrated with existing security systems including CCTV and zone control which offers a holistic approach to safety. For example, in the event of an emergency call triggered by a PIT device, our control system can implement a "lockdown" protocol, restricting access exclusively to response staff and security personnel, thereby bolstering safety measures.

Ongoing maintenance

In tense or high-pressure settings, it's vital that staff alarm systems operate at peak performance so as to safeguard the well-being of staff members and service-users. For this reason, when choosing an alarm system for a business, it’s crucial to consider the warranty and contract options available.

Pinpoint's alarm systems are robust, reliable and backed by a UK-wide network of skilled engineers trained to maintain our systems. Taking into account your business needs we offer a variety of service and maintenance contracts which give you support that meets the high standards Pinpoint is known for.


Choosing the appropriate alarm system is vital for protecting both your staff and premises. With Pinpoint's adaptable staff safety systems and ongoing support, you can equip your business with reliable staff safety systems.

Does your business require a safety alarm system? Get in touch with us to discuss your workplace’s security needs.  

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