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Meet Jenna Waring, Pinpoint’s IMS Lead

30 Nov 2023

Jenna Waring beside a Pinpoint logo
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Last year Jenna Waring, our new IMS Lead, achieved the ISO 45001 accreditation for Pinpoint.

We caught up with Jenna about the process, her new role and what she enjoys most about working at Pinpoint.

What is ISO 45001 and how has it benefited Pinpoint? 

The ISO 45001 accreditation is recognised as the international standard for health and safety at work. It seeks to prevent work-related injury and ill health, thereby creating safe workplaces for everyone.

The most obvious benefit of ISO 45001 is the potential to reduce workplace OIHS illnesses and injuries. Moreover, it demonstrates Pinpoint’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of its employees. As the UK’s leading provider of staff safety systems, we are not only concerned with the safety of our clients, but also that of our own employees. 

Pinpoint is a company built on exceptional health and safety standards, and with the core belief that everyone should be safe at work.

The ISO accreditation is just one of the ways we communicate that to our  stakeholders and customers.

Tell us a bit more about your role as IMS lead!

As IMS lead it is my responsibility to ensure Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental best practice is in place and fully embedded across all elements of the business, ensuring compliance with current health and safety legislation, approved codes of practice and company policies and procedures.

I am enjoying the new position and am committed to ensuring Pinpoint’s compliance with the latest health and safety legislation.

Looking back, how did you find the ISO 45001 training? 

This was a completely new undertaking for me and required 6 months of learning and developing skills in my new role. I approached the training with a diligent attitude and have gained essential qualities and knowledge.

I was lucky to have great support from colleagues and was mentored by Pinpoint’s CEO Daniel Waring, who had previously achieved ISO 9001 accreditation and ISO 14001 accreditation. I was also mentored by my colleague Craig Anderson who supported around health and safety guidance.

Did you come up against any challenges?

Pinpoint is a fast-paced environment, and it was important to manage my time on the training effectively whilst delivering my existing work to a continued high standard. All in all, I feel this was accomplished without a problem.

What do you most enjoy about working at Pinpoint? 

Pinpoint is an international and ever-growing group of companies, and it is an exciting time to work here. Every day is challenging and interesting, which keeps me sharpened and focused. Pinpoint is an environment where everyone’s opinions are respected and taken on board no matter what position you hold. I am ambitious and motivated, and I know senior management will support me in my continued career growth and in achieving my goals.

On a side note... Pinpoint is also a pet-friendly office and regular visits ranging from dogs to alpacas have certainly created a fun environment!

Finally, describe Pinpoint in three words.

Innovative - Motivating – Supportive!

Thank you to Jenna for contributing to this blog.

Interested in learning more about Pinpoint? Find out more about us here.  

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