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Pinpoint is exhibiting at Design in Mental Health Conference

01 Oct 2022

P2 by Pinpoint
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We are delighted to announce that Pinpoint will be exhibiting at the Design in Mental Health Conference on the 8th and 9th of June 2022. Here we will reveal the P2 system, our new collection and the latest evolution in staff safety.

Design in Mental Health Conference 

The Design in Mental Health Conference is the UK’s largest event focusing on mental health environments, be it the construction, design, or experiences of those working and living in such settings.

Bringing together clinicians, service users, designers, manufacturers and other professionals, the conference provides an opportunity to share knowledge, explore new ideas and provide insights into how to better mental health facilities.

Protecting staff in mental health environments

Due to the nature of their work, staff in mental health settings are often exposed to violence and aggression from patients. Implementing measures to prevent staff attacks is critical to ensure the welfare of healthcare workers, and in so doing, maintain the highest quality treatment for service users.  

Pinpoint’s staff alarm system offers a high-performance solution that is incorporated into the design of the building for effective and accessible use. Should a patient begin to display aggressive behaviour, healthcare workers can use Pinpoint’s Badge PIT to call for assistance quickly and discreetly, relaying the message to a response team in under 85 milliseconds. The efficiency and precision in which this is carried out prevents a violent attack from escalating, minimising danger to staff in such high-risk settings.


Pinpoint has chosen the Design in Mental Health Conference to publicly reveal its P2 system, the latest evolution in staff security. Combining 30 years of experience with enhanced functionality and design, the new product range will deliver a more accessible user experience, with a sleeker look and robust feel.

The P2 collection will be on display at the conference for visitors to see for the very first time. Updated key fobs, modern PITs and vandal-proof wall buttons are among the items to be shown on the day. Our expert team will also be on hand to discuss the new enhancements and how they benefit mental health settings specifically.

We hope to see you there!

Intrigued? Find out more about our new range by getting in touch here:

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