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Pinpoint Mobile Alert now available for iPhone and iPad

11 Jul 2020

iPhone Pinpoint Screenshot
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Following the launch of the Pinpoint Mobile Alert Application for Android last year, we are delighted to announce that the application is now available for iPhone and iPad mobile devices on the iOS operating system.

“By adding the app for iOS devices, we are enabling our customers to interact with the Pinpoint Personal Alarm in a way that suits them best”, says Allan Aikman, senior design engineer at Pinpoint Ltd. “This enables operations and IT managers to now have the choice of either iOS based devices using the new App or the existing App for Android devices.

“Where BYOD (bring your own device) is permitted, users can now interact with the Pinpoint System on their own phone as well as existing iPads that they have on them every day, rather than having to carry additional mobile devices.”

Pinpoint Mobile Alert is now an iOS and Android application that enables mobile devices to receive information like alarms, patient calls and system status updates.

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