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Personal Infrared Transmitters (PITs) act as personal safety alarms. Designed to be worn at all times, and once activated, PITs instantaneously emit strong infrared signals to the Advanced Receiver Units in the ceiling. These in turn send information to the displays and/or other communication devices, so that response teams can rapidly pinpoint the caller identity (if required), exact location and type of call.

Personal Infrared Transmitters (PITs)

Designed to survive in hostile environments, PITs are manufactured from durable polycarbonate and ABS materials and incorporate Addmaster’s Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology.

PITs come in the form of multipurpose Badge ID’s, Battery PITs or Perpetual PITs powered by an intelligent Energizer meaning no batteries are ever required. All PITs come with a standard 1 year guarantee. Subject to specific PIT models, we also offer a 1, 2 or 5 year no quibble guarantee. Please contact us for more information.


  • Uses advanced infrared capabilities to communicate with the receiver

  • Not reliant on inconsistent/unreliable Wi-Fi


  • Easy to activate in any situation

  • Takes less than 85 milliseconds from activation to reach display unit


  • Slim and unobtrusive

  • Light and durable

  • Includes Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology

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