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A wrist worn Personal Infrared Transmitter used by patients to call for assistance.


Utilising antimicrobial materials in its construction, the WristPIT is also water resistant and will withstand showering and brief submersion. This product has been designed exclusively for patient use and emits a PATIENT CALL level of code.

The WristPIT can be worn around the wrist by attaching it with our 25mm antimicrobial wrist strap.  Once the PIT is on the wrist it can be activated by pressing on the membrane button labelled “CALL”.

The WristPIT features a bi-colour reassurance LED on the right side of the “CALL” button. When activated the LED illuminates GREEN to indicate that the PIT has activated and that the battery level is good. When the battery level drops below an acceptable level the LED will illuminate RED. Once the PIT has entered into this battery low state the LED will continuously flash RED until the battery is changed and the device is retested.

Datasheet - WristPIT

The WristPIT is a wrist worn Personal Infrared Transmitter to be used by patients to call for assistance.

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