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Automatic system monitoring, and advanced self-reporting capabilities makes the Pinpoint System a safer and more streamlined security solution.

System Supervisor Unit (SSU)

The System Supervisor Unit (SSU) is an intelligent device that automatically and continuously checks each of the system’s receiver units, addressable call buttons and display units in turn. This process also checks the integrity of the cabling.

The Receiver Units themselves, are able to conduct self-tests to ensure the units remain uncovered by any objects as well as monitor their own ability to receive infrared. The results of these tests are sent back to the SSU when the unit is polled.

If a system fault is found during an automatic routine check by the SSU, direct reporting of the issue to our Priority Service team is possible, providing there is a suitable modem/phone line available.


  • Modem connectivity


  • Automatically monitors all main components of the Pinpoint System

  • Can report faults automatically to Pinpoint Priority Service team


  • Housed in a powder coated steel enclosure

Datasheet - System Supervisor Unit (SSU)

The System Supervisor Unit (SSU) is a PC-based design which is used to monitor the status of all main units in the Pinpoint System (this includes products such as Receiver Units and Addressable Call Buttons).

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