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The impact of the threat of violence on staff mental wellbeing

01 Oct 2022

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According to findings from the Labour Force Survey, every 30 minutes a health and social care worker is assaulted in the UK. It’s a shocking statistic, and yet does not seem to show any signs of decreasing. Rather, data rom NHS England reveals that assaults against ambulance staff in 2021 increased by 30% from 2016-2017, while surveys carried out by the NHS find nurses and midwives continue to report higher incidents of bullying, harassment, and abuse by patients.

These figures go some way in highlighting the high-risk nature of working in care environments. Where patients have severe health conditions or are heavily medicated, staff are open to both verbal and physical assault. It is the responsibility of the employer to minimise this risk and put in place systems to protect staff security.

If not, the continuous exposure to and the threat of violence has serious implications for those working in the health care profession. In addition to the physical injuries sustained, research from Frontiers in Public Health linked increased rates of workplace violence with reduced interest in work and job dissatisfaction, increased sick days, depression, psychological stress, and burnout. Constantly in a state of fight or flight, health care professionals experience poor quality sleep, impaired work functioning and poor mental health.

The result? Substandard patient care, low productivity, staff absenteeism and poor staff retention. Ultimately, staff look elsewhere when they do not feel protected, as was seen in a recent survey of NHS nurses, which found 14% wanted to leave the organisation as soon as possible.

This is precisely what Pinpoint’s innovative personal safety alarm seeks to avoid. Enabling staff to call for assistance in any given situation, Pinpoint’s intelligent infrared system can pinpoint a staff member in less than 1 second, providing them with the support they need when it matters most.

Pinpoint’s effective and reliable personal alarm system significantly reduces the risk of violence in health care settings and provides staff with the tools to carry out their duties without fear of abuse. Doing so instills faith in the staff that their employer cares for their wellbeing, which in turn boosts productivity and mental wellbeing.  

As the need for health care professionals grows, so too must the attention on their safety and wellbeing in the workplace. Ensuring staff feel valued and protected through integrative alarm systems is key to alleviating work stress, preventing staff shortages, increasing job satisfaction, and ultimately improving patient care.


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