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A high performance, effective and simple to use Staff Personal Alarm System allowing staff to call for assistance or emergency in any situation.

A high performance, effective and simple to use staff safety system that enables your employees to call for assistance in any emergency in any situation.

The Pinpoint System

With powerful communication and reporting capabilities, the Pinpoint staff safety system is the ideal solution for any business looking to protect their staff from potential violence in the workplace.

The Pinpoint staff safety system network can be used in a multitude of environments and is installed in thousands of sites internationally including hospitals, mental health facilities, schools, doctor’s surgeries, retail outlets and correctional facilities. It is also suitable as a lone worker solution and can be integrated alongside new or existing security networks, making it one of the most versatile systems on the market.

Through Personal Infrared Transmitters (PITs), staff can easily and discreetly activate calls for Assistance and Emergency. When a call is made from a staff panic alarm, Alphanumeric Display Units emit an alarm tone (if required) and pinpoint the exact location and type of call. This information can also be relayed to a range of devices such as pagers, mobiles and PC's ensuring response staff can identify both the type and source of call quickly. Intelligent infrared capabilities mean that the Pinpoint System takes less than 85 milliseconds from activation to display.

System components include:

Personal Infrared Transmitters (PITs)

Advanced Infrared Receiver Units (ARUs)

Alphanumeric Display Units (ADUs)

Over Door Lights

Call Buttons


System Supervisor

Mobile and PC comms

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Unlike other system providers, we don't use Wi-Fi, radio or UHF which are prone to interference. To maximise the performance of our products we hardwire our systems to ensure ultimate reliability of communication between staff safety system and the integrated alarm receiver network.


  • Uses infrared to communicate with the receiver
  • Not reliant on inconsistent Wi-Fi


  • Easy to activate in any situation
  • Removes potential downtime through distributed intelligence


  • Slim and unobtrusive
  • Light and durable

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