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How do panic alarms work?

01 Oct 2022

A Badge PIT
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Having worked in the business of security alarms for over 30 years, we’re experts in the technical make-up and the benefits of panic alarms for the workplace.

Since 1992 we have developed, manufactured, and installed personal alarm systems for those who are at risk of violence in the workplace and therefore may need to summon help quickly.

For those of you who are not quite so sure about how personal panic alarms are used to protect staff in high-risk working environments, here is a quick rundown:  

Infrared technology 

Pinpoint’s PITs (Personal Infrared Transmitters) act as personal alarms for staff at risk of violence in the workplace. As the name suggests, these panic alarms use infrared technology, emitting coded pulses of light to receivers installed in the ceiling. This, in turn, notifies connected communication devices, displaying the caller’s identity, location and call type to a response team.

It is a rapid process, taking under 85 milliseconds from activating the alarm to reaching the display unit. Without having to rely on Wi-Fi, Pinpoint’s panic alarms deliver a more efficient, reliable service.

How to use a panic alarm

There are two call levels for our staff attack alarms: assistance and emergency. This differentiation indicates the severity of the incident and the subsequent action required from the response team. Staff should be fully trained on how to activate and respond to both call types. 

Designed to be small and discreet, PITs should be worn by staff at all times and be easily accessible. Pinpoint’s most popular PIT, the Badge PIT, is installed within a badge holder so as not to alert service users of their presence. Employees press a large rubber button found on the reverse of the Badge PIT to call for an emergency, whereas assistance calls are activated by pressing a button on the top left of the badge. 

For example, should a patient become frustrated and begin to behave aggressively, a member of staff can quickly press the assistance button on the top left of the badge holder to alert a response team to intervene. However, if the patient was lashing out and being abusive, the worker should press the emergency call button to summon the response team to act fast.

Pinpoint’s Personal Infrared Transmitters are made with robust materials to withstand violence and increase the product’s lifespan. Save for the Perpetual PIT, which is charged with an intelligent energizer in just 20 seconds prior to a shift, staff panic alarms are battery-powered to enhance their reliability and accuracy for employees in high-risk situations. 

The use of infrared technology has been vital to ensuring the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of Pinpoint’s staff alarm systems. This, coupled with outstanding functionality and design, provides optimum safety solutions to staff and service-users in high-risk environments.

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