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How Pinpoint's alarm systems are helping teaching staff

15 Jun 2024

School staff
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As with any public institution, schools and educational facilities can experience high-risk incidents that require immediate attention. Recent reports suggest violent incidents have become increasingly prominent in schools across Ireland, often seeing teaching staff leaving due to the escalating levels of aggression from pupils.

In recent years, a number of schools in Ireland and the UK have adopted advanced alarm systems to bolster safety measures and empower teaching staff. We explore how these alarm systems help to create a safer environment for both students and teachers.

Preventing Injury 

The foremost objective of these modern safety alarms is to prevent injuries to both staff and pupils. By providing a discreet and silent way for staff members to call for support during an incident, these alarms facilitate the swift intervention and diffusion of potentially aggressive situations.

Our work with schools has shown that the mere awareness of these alarms can often serve as a deterrent to aggressors, preventing attacks altogether. With the knowledge that their actions will not go unnoticed or unaddressed, students are less inclined to engage in disruptive behaviour. In the rare instances when an incident does occur, the support teams can swiftly respond, minimising harm to everyone involved

Creating a productive learning environment

In some settings, the Pinpoint system can be activated up to ten times a day. This ongoing, underlying threat of risk not only takes a toll on the physical and mental wellbeing of teaching staff but also creates a tense atmosphere that hinders effective teaching and learning.

Where the alarm system is installed, the whole school community feels reassured of their safety, knowing that help can be summoned in dangerous situations at the push of a button. This security allows both teachers and students to focus on the task at hand and creates a more positive and productive educational environment.

Supporting special education staff 

In education facilities where pupils have additional learning needs, behavioural issues and outbursts are often more frequent. As a result of this, 88% of special education staff in Northern Ireland reported being assaulted in 2019.

The use of alarm systems in SEN settings allows for the swift de-escalation of potentially aggressive behaviour, and in doing so, reduces the risk to teachers. Consequently, the alarm systems support the transition from round-the-clock, one-on-one care to more independent living arrangements, ultimately improving the quality of life for these pupils.

Boosting workplace morale  

Minimising the risk of incidents taking place makes for a happier and healthier school community. For staff in particular, the ability to call for assistance in any scenario is incredibly empowering and important to their sense of wellbeing at work. As a result, staff morale is uplifted and productivity levels increase, preventing high rates of absenteeism and turnover.

Does your school require a safety system in place? Get in touch with us here to discuss your workplace’s needs. 

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