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The Pinpoint Pager uses the long-established POCSAG communication protocol and operates on UHF in the 456-460MHz band.


The paging device receives messages from the Pinpoint System. It has a durable plastic case which is fitted into a custom rubber boot, providing excellent protection to knocks or being dropped. It is powered by a single, user-replaceable AA battery.

When a call on the Pinpoint System is activated, text can be transmitted to the Pager device to identify the type and source of a call.

Use of onsite Paging requires provision of a suitable Paging Transmitter (which Pinpoint can supply) and, in most cases, a Pinpoint Communications Interface to convert the standard Pinpoint alarms into the appropriate paging format.

Whilst we continue to support traditional communication devices such as the Pinpoint Pager, we have specifically developed a new mobile app which aims to replace our paging system. With greater functionality, reliability and with a range of customisation features, the Mobile App is the ideal solution for any workplace environment.


  • Operates on UHF in the 456-460MHz band

  • Uses industry-standard POCSAG protocol

  • Options for 512 or 1200bps (baud)


  •  Site-wide communication, dependant on suitable environmental conditions

  •  LCD screen capable of displaying 2 lines of 20 characters at a time

  • Audible tones and/or vibration to notify receipt of new messages


  • Robust and durable

  • Small and portable

  • Powered by an AA Battery (Lithium batteries recommended)

Datasheet - Pager

The Pinpoint Pager is a one-way wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays alphanumeric messages.

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