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Security Integration

As well as our leading Staff Personal Alarm System, we can also provide a complete security environment for your building.

As the UK’s leading expert in staff safety systems , we provide additional security equipment such as CCTV, access control, patient movement detection and door entry, all of which can fully integrate and communicate with your Pinpoint system.

We provide you with the ability to visually control and monitor these products at multiple sites through our integrated web-based Enterprise Software platform.

For example:

  • Unauthorised access to a specific area can raise a call on the Pinpoint System and send a message to a Pager, Mobile or PC device.

  • An incident where a staff member has raised an emergency call on the Pinpoint system can cause the CCTV system to record and store footage for a specified time either side of the incident for examination at a later date.

  • An emergency incident in a ward can cause the access control system to automatically “lock down” the ward allowing access to response staff and security only.

  • Graphical floor plans and security elements can be monitored/accessed via the Enterprise Software, providing additional functionality and control.

  • Offering a turnkey solution, we supply, install and maintain all of the systems required to create a seamless security network meeting the highest safety standards.

To find out more about how Pinpoint systems can integrate with your existing security infrastructure, please contact the team.

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