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Advanced Receiver Units (ARUs) are installed in the ceiling no more than 20m apart and are activated by a Personal Infrared Transmitter (PIT) without having to point, from no more than 10m away.

Advanced Receiver Units (ARUs)

When a staff member activates their Personal Infrared Transmitter (PIT), the ARU is triggered and transmits its “address” to designated LCD Display Units and other communication devices notifying response staff of the location and type of call.

ARUs include all over infrared windows as well as supersensitive circuitry to ensure the unit is triggered instantly by the coded infrared transmitters. They are programmed with their own unique address using a hand held programmer or can be set up to share the address of another unit if required. ARUs come in either black or white.


  • All-over infrared window

  • Programmed in situ with its own unique address (can be shared with other units to give greater coverage in the same area)

  • Ability to integrate with devices such as Patient Call buttons, door entry and CCTV


  • Instantaneously transmits the address of a call to display units, pagers, mobiles and PCs

  • External Receiver Unit available for outdoor coverage – designed with even more sensitive infrared reception for greater coverage of outside areas (housed in waterproof case)


  • Made from durable polycarbonate

  • Available in black or white

  • Double or single gang size

Datasheet - Double Gang Advanced Receiver Unit

The Advanced Receiver Unit (ARU) receives the infrared signal sent out by transmitters, such as PITs, and transmits the location and level of call across the system.

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