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The Pinpoint Mobile & PC Alert apps take all vital information from your Pinpoint system including alarm calls and displays them on your mobile device/desktop PC.

Mobile Alert

The Pinpoint Mobile Alert App offers greater coverage and ensures response staff are informed of situations regardless of whether they’re on site or not.

Important information ranging from alarm messages and patient calls to data on the health of your Pinpoint System can now be sent directly to any Android or iOS mobile device and can be downloaded free from both the Google Play and Apple Play Store (license fee applies).

We also offer Android mobile devices with the Mobile Alert App preinstalled, these can be purchased from us directly. All of the standard mobile device features such as call, text, camera and video etc have been locked down. These features can be reinstated subject to user needs.

Designed with user needs in mind, the App is aimed to replace our existing paging systems by offering guaranteed delivery, increased functionality as well as a range of customisable features ensuring you can access information anytime, anywhere.

When an alarm is activated on the Pinpoint System it is instantly forwarded to devices subscribed to that zone. When the handset receives the alarm, the mobile device will automatically be woken up and a full screen notification will appear indicating the level of call (in text as well as by colour), the system it originated from, the zone and the individual address, along with a vibrating and audio alert.

PC Alert

The PC Alert App is our latest application that brings your Pinpoint Alarms to your desktop computer, meaning that you can have an information point at a pre-existing hub of activity.

Packed with features such as custom alerts, real time monitoring, always on top function, auto start and silent running, the new PC Alert ensures response staff are kept up-to-date with real time situations quickly and efficiently.


Once the program is installed and set up it will remain dormant in the system tray of the computer until it is required to inform the user of an incident. In such cases, a pop-up window will instantly open displaying the incident location, description and level of call.

Datasheet - Mobile Defender 1 Device

The Defender Phone 1 for Mobile Alert is a mobile phone pre-loaded with the Pinpoint Mobile Alert app.

Datasheet - Mobile Defender 2 Device

The Defender Phone 2 for Mobile Alert is a mobile phone pre-loaded with the Pinpoint Mobile Alert app.

Datasheet - Pinpoint PC Alert

Pinpoint PC Alert is software that brings the Pinpoint System to your PC, giving the user all the advantages of having a personal Pinpoint Display shown conveniently on their computer screen.

Mobile & PC App Brochure

The Pinpoint mobile and PC alert apps provide the information you need, where you need it. For more information download the brochure.

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