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Pinpoint appointed by state-of-the-art mental health unit, North View

22 Apr 2024

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Pinpoint has been appointed by North View, a new state-of-the-art mental health inpatient unit in the North Manchester General Hospital. The new site, which is currently in development, will house nine inpatient wards designed to deliver a safe and therapeutic environment for residents, carers, staff and visitors.

Scheduled to open in late 2024, North View will offer spacious, well-resourced, modern facilities that support the recovery from mental health illnesses.

Pinpoint’s award-winning alarm system will be installed within the unit to deliver the highest safety standards for everyone on site. Our leading-edge staff attack systems will be pivotal in preventing potential issues from arising and in creating a calm, safe environment for patients to heal in.

Due to the complex nature of their illness, residents in mental health units can behave aggressively toward hospital workers, and even toward themselves. In Northern Ireland alone, 50,000 attacks on healthcare staff have been reported in the last five years. This horrific figure goes some way to show the severity of the problem that is affecting key workers across the UK and Ireland.

As a new acute mental health inpatient unit, North View sought out Pinpoint as the highest quality staff alarm system to limit the risk of harm on-site, thereby enabling healthcare workers to focus on providing the very best care to patients and better support their recovery.

The Pinpoint P2 System will allow staff to quickly call for assistance or emergency in any situation. By activating their personal alarm, employees alert others to their exact location on the unit and the nature of the incident, triggering the response team to swiftly attend the scene. This process, from activation to display, happens almost immediately and with minimal disturbance for surrounding patients.

Using this highly advanced staff safety system, healthcare workers can prevent hostile situations from escalating, deliver extra support to specific patients, and gain an extra pair of hands where needed. As a result, staff feel reassured of their safety on-site, and for the residents and visitors.

The ability to alert colleagues in any situation gives employees greater confidence and are thereby able to offer the highest standard of care to patients.

P2 patient call buttons will also be installed at multiple locations on site, allowing service-users to swiftly summon assistance when needed. Should a service-user need extra help, they simply press a nearby patient call button which alerts responders to their exact location on the ward. In this way, the P2 patient call button extends patient support, reassuring both patients and their families of their utmost security.

With the foundations of North View currently being laid, Pinpoint’s safety alarm system will be crucial in cultivating a calm, healing environment that prioritises staff wellbeing and improves long-term treatment outcomes.  

Are you interested in installing Pinpoint’s advanced staff safety systems in your workplace? Get in touch with us here to discuss your employees’ security needs. 

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