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Pinpoint call buttons achieve IP67 international standard

22 Apr 2024

Pinpoint P2 Patient Call Button
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Going above and beyond when it comes to quality performance, at Pinpoint we are always looking to innovate and enhance our award-winning staff safety systems.

With that in mind, we are pleased to share that our patient call buttons recently achieved the IP67 international standard.

But what does IP67 mean, and what benefits does it hold for our users? Keep reading to find out.

What does IP67 mean?

IP stands for ‘ingress protection’ and an IP rating demonstrates how well an electrical enclosure protects the equipment contained inside against different types of both liquids and solids – including dust, water and oil.

Our patient call buttons have achieved the IP67 rating – meaning the electrical unit is completely dust-tight, while also being water-resistant to showers and submersion up to a depth of about 3 feet for up to 30 minutes.

Why is this important?

We place great importance on ensuring that our products deliver the best service for our customers and perform in accordance with the environments they are installed in.

The water-resistant capability of our call buttons is crucial for inpatient units with shower and bathroom facilities. This is particularly important for service users who may need to call for assistance while in the bathroom or are vulnerable to slips in the shower.

Moreover, being dust-tight means the internal components of the call button are protected from any airborne particles entering the unit – something that can cause damage over time and reduce the effectiveness of the product. For live-in settings where patients may spend long periods of time, it’s important that dust cannot enter the device. 

Pinpoint patient call buttons

Pinpoint’s P2 patient call buttons offer a diverse range of features and benefits for users.

Made from highly durable materials to withstand potential tampering and daily wear and tear, the P2 patient call button is built to last. Ring-lit buttons facilitate usability for patients in distress, while a modern look and design complements the environments in which the device is installed.

And, in addition to the IP67 rating, our call buttons also incorporate Biomaster Antimicrobial Product Protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria on the unit surface for maximum hygiene.  

All of these capabilities, plus the IP67 international standard, mean the call buttons perform at the very best capacity for the length of their service life, withstanding the most demanding environments like hospitals, care homes and mental health units.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our award-winning staff safety solutions.

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