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Pinpoint provides video tutorials for staff in high-risk workplaces

23 Feb 2024

QR Codes for P2 System
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For Pinpoint’s staff attack systems to work effectively, all employees must be fully trained and competent in activating and responding to system alarms. After completing an installation, our specialist team of engineers will provide thorough staff training on how to use Pinpoint’s safety systems and offer physical guides for employees to refer back to. After completing this intensive training, staff should have acquired sufficient knowledge so as to be able to train future employees.

A sound understanding of Pinpoint’s staff attack systems is critical to the safety of workers and service users in any high-risk environment. The incorrect use or misinterpretation of the alarm system can result in violent behaviour that threatens the welfare of employees.

To further add to its training resources, Pinpoint has created video tutorials that employees can access via QR Codes. Found on plaques mounted in staff areas, each QR code will be linked to a specific system, providing guidance on how to activate, re-set, and respond to the alarms, plus tips for best practice.

For example, the collection of videos includes ‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Pinpoint PIT’, and ‘How to Energize your P2 PIT’. Each video is short and concise, providing the viewer with critical details on how to best operate the safety system to protect those in high-risk work settings.

Daniel Waring, Pinpoint’s CEO, hopes the tutorials will ‘help our clients make the most of our advanced safety systems. These videos are easily accessible to all our existing customers, serving as a quick refresher or reassurance for staff who perhaps haven’t had to activate their alarm in some time, or are training a new employee.’

If you are interested in installing Pinpoint’s award-winning staff attack systems to protect your workforce, book a call with us here. 


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