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Pinpoint’s Quick Quote is open for business

23 Feb 2024

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You may have noticed a subtle change to our website in the last few days, and that is because we have launched Pinpoint’s Quick Quote service – an online platform where you can request quotes for our award-winning staff safety systems.

That means you can now order safety devices directly from the website including Pinpoint’s most popular devices, such as the Perpetual PIT and Badge PIT. Both Personal Infrared Transmitters act as personal alarms for employees at risk of violence in the workplace, allowing staff members to summon help when needed with a simple press of a button. Worn on the employee’s person, Pinpoint’s PITs are accessible, user-friendly devices that can be activated in an instant.

Quick Quote is fast and easy to use. Simply click on the product, input your contact details and a quote will be sent straight to your inbox.  A member of Pinpoint’s team will be notified that the quote has been generated and get in touch to proceed with the order.

Daniel Waring, CEO of Pinpoint, said:

“Built to meet the needs of our customers, “Quick Quote” is an easy-to-use, efficient means to order safety devices for your workforce.

We appreciate how time-poor many of our clients are, which is why we have developed this straight-forward quote generation system to make the process fast and efficient. Our commitment is to get back to each quote within 24 hours to ensure that high-risk environments have the best staff safety systems in place”

Click here to visit Pinpoint’s Quick Quote portal. Products can be shipped to facilities throughout the UK and Ireland.

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