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Protecting Patients on World Patient Day

21 May 2024

Patient heart monitor
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Every year on 17th September, World Patient Day recognises the critical need to protect and improve the safety of patients across the globe.

In this blog post, we will shed light on how Pinpoint's personal alarm systems are positively impacting patient safety and well-being to enhance the experience of those within the healthcare system.

Empowering patients with personal alarms

Vulnerable patients may require assistance in emergencies or accidents.  Pinpoint's Wrist PIT provides an innovative solution, enabling patients to call for help instantly.

With the simple press of the CALL button on the device, patients alert staff to their exact location within seconds. This communication facilitates rapid intervention and professional support available to the patient.

Pinpoint's comprehensive safety system includes Over Door Lights and Alphanumeric Display Units, which further guide staff to the precise location of the incident, ensuring a coordinated and efficient response to minimise harm to patients.

A swift response to incidents

It is not uncommon for service users in high-risk healthcare settings, such as mental health hospitals and nursing homes, to behave aggressively toward one another. Such situations can escalate quickly, and a single staff member may not be sufficient to effectively intervene.

The ability to quickly alert a response team to the scene of an incident is crucial for reducing the risk of serious harm to patients. Pinpoint's technology empowers staff members to send distress signals or location-based alerts to their colleagues or security personnel, ensuring that help arrives promptly.

This rapid response capability not only reduces the potential for injury but also provides a sense of security for both patients and staff. In moments of crisis, knowing that help is on the way can make all the difference.


Protecting staff, enhancing care

Patient aggression also extends toward staff. In the past year alone, a significant 14.3% of NHS staff have sadly experienced at least one incident of violence from a patient.  

The results of such attacks often include anxiety and stress among employees, potentially affecting their ability to deliver effective patient care.

Pinpoint's staff attack systems play a vital role in indirectly enhancing patient safety by addressing aggression towards employees. These systems establish a secure working environment that offers protection and peace of mind to staff. In doing so, staff feel more confident at work and better able to offer the highest quality of care to their patients.   

As we commemorate World Patient Day, we are reminded of the collective responsibility to safeguard patients' well-being and security within the healthcare system. Pinpoint's Safety Systems stand as a testament to our commitment to this cause. Our innovative solutions not only protect patients from accidents and injury but also create a safe environment that ensures they experience the best treatment service. 

Find out more about Pinpoint’s award-winning safety systems here.  

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