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Staff Attack Systems: FAQs

22 Apr 2024

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Want to know more about our award-winning staff attack systems? We’ve rounded up some of our most frequently asked questions to address common queries about the Pinpoint alarm systems and prove why they continue to be the go-to for high-risk businesses. 

What makes Pinpoint's alarm systems stand out from other safety solutions?

The Pinpoint System has long been recognised as the gold standard for safety alarm systems. A leading supplier to the NHS, Pinpoint's staff safety systems are highly competitive in their precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Crucially, the Pinpoint System identifies and displays the exact location of an active call – allowing responders to quickly attend the scene to deescalate high-risk incidents. This accuracy is crucial in larger facilities like hospitals with multiple floors, wards, and rooms where efficiency is paramount.

Are Pinpoint's systems customisable for different business needs?

Pinpoint's adaptable safety systems cater to diverse business environments, from mental health facilities to schools, shopping centres and correctional facilities.

Our team works with businesses to identify their safety needs and to offer a tailored solution. Whether it be carers who regularly call for assistance, or retail workers who need to alert colleagues for help, the Pinpoint System offers the highest levels of security – providing employees with reassurance and confidence. 

How durable are Pinpoint's panic alarms? 

The Pinpoint P2 System is designed to be our most robust yet, using highly durable materials and manufacturing processes to enhance the device’s lifespan.

Built to withstand daily wear and tear and targeted vandalism, the P2 System’s anti-vandal fascia and security screws provides optimal performance 365 days a year.

What kind of support does Pinpoint offer after installation?

At Pinpoint, we're more than just installers; we provide ongoing maintenance and support services where needed. Our specialist team of in-house engineers are available to customers should they have any questions or concerns.

Pinpoint also offers a 12-month free warranty covering both parts and labour, which guarantees your peace of mind. Our proactive approach includes comprehensive preventative maintenance inspections, ensuring that our systems stay in great working order.

To extend this assurance, we offer 1, 3 and 5-year warranty options, featuring priority repairs, swift parts delivery, and unlimited no-questions-asked repairs.

Are there any training programs provided for employees on using these panic alarms?

Understanding how to use Pinpoint’s staff attack systems is vital to ensure the ongoing protection and well-being of staff and service users. Our expert engineers train employees thoroughly on how to use the system and provide digital guides for ongoing learning.

What’s more, we have created a bank of video tutorials that can be accessed through QR Codes placed in staff areas in the workplace. Each code is linked to a specific system, offering tips on using the alarms and the best ways to respond in different situations.

With tailored safety solutions, comprehensive training and 24/7 support, Pinpoint ensures your staff's safety is uncompromised. We are happy to address any of your questions about our staff attack systems to help you make the right choice for your business. 

Are you interested in installing Pinpoint’s staff attack alarms in your workplace? Get in touch with us here to discuss further.

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