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What security systems do schools need?

23 Feb 2024

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In recent years, the safety of teachers and school staff has emerged as a significant concern due to a notable increase in physical assaults reported within educational institutions.

A recent report by The Irish Times shed light on the alarming number of teachers and Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) seeking leave after experiencing physical assaults at school. Similarly, in the UK, statistics reveal that more than 10% of teachers have fallen victim to physical assaults in the past year alone. It is imperative to address such violence by taking steps to identify effective solutions and implement robust safety systems that can mitigate the risk of attacks in schools.

Read on to discover the key factors to consider when selecting school safety systems.

Rapid and efficient response

Violent attacks in schools can occur suddenly and without any prior warning. Teachers are often working with vulnerable children with learning disabilities or behavioural issues, who may rapidly become frustrated or aggressive toward staff.

It is therefore crucial that security systems used in schools are highly efficient and activate rapidly - thereby allowing the response team to intervene quickly and de-escalate the situation.

Additionally, accuracy plays a vital role in staff safety systems. Modern schools in the UK and Ireland often comprise multiple stories, numerous classrooms, and expansive sports fields. Therefore, when an alarm is triggered, the system needs to be able to provide precise information about the location of the incident.

Pinpoint’s P2 system identifies the exact location and nature of an activated alarm. This information can be delivered to various devices, including pagers, mobiles, and PCs to enable school staff to swiftly respond to the potential attack.

Discreet design

When implementing staff safety systems in schools, it is important to consider the impact on the teaching environment. Placing a large, visible alarm on a classroom wall is not an ideal solution as it can run the risk of damage, is not easily accessible to staff in an emergency, and make students feel uneasy – or even agitated.

This is particularly true when working with students with additional needs, where loud alerts or obtrusive devices may prove overwhelming. Opting for a discreet school security system minimises potential distress among students.

With its sophisticated and discreet design, our P2 System was built with this in mind. The small P2 personal alarm is worn on the staff member's clothing, concealed within an ID badge holder or clipped onto the waistband, and calls for help by the simple act of pressing a button – with the option for silent mode. The subtle design and easy access prevent unnecessary disruption in the classroom.

Integration with existing systems

By integrating staff safety systems with existing infrastructure, such as CCTV, schools can establish a comprehensive and robust security structure. This unified approach enables real-time monitoring and detection of suspicious activities or potentially violent incidents. By offering full-system integration the P2 System allows schools to proactively address all security concerns, mitigate risks, and create a safer environment for both staff and students.

Robust and tamper-resistant

In school settings, the risk of damage to security systems is high. Tampering and vandalism of safety alarms are not uncommon and therefore require highly robust materials.

To address this issue, the P2 System incorporates an anti-vandal design that has been specifically engineered to withstand tampering or abuse from pupils. Its durable exterior significantly minimises the risk of damage and ensures that the safety system remains operational and effective even in challenging environments.

As incidents of violence against teaching staff continue to rise, the demand for reliable and robust staff safety systems also grows. Schools and education providers should consider the above factors as valuable guidance when making decisions to ensure the safety of their teaching staff.

Are you looking for a security system for your school? Get in touch with us to discuss your school safety needs.

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