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Warranty Terms & Conditions

We intend our ‘No-Quibble’ Extended Warranties to be a simple and fair addition to your statutory rights, however, some situations simply cannot be covered as they are outside of our control, we’ve listed these below.

1. Only products where an order has been received and/or paid in advance for the chosen/specified extended warranty will be covered under this scheme.

2. In the event repair or replacement is not possible, we reserve the right to issue a credit note. Alternatively, you may opt for the return of the original item in an unrepaired condition.

3. On issuance of a replacement product or credit note the original product and associated accessories shall become the property of Pinpoint.

4. The replacement or repair of a product shall not extend the original warranty period under any circumstance.

5. This warranty is not transferrable.

6. Whilst every effort will be made to protect such, Pinpoint shall not be liable for damage or alteration to any detailing or aftermarket cosmetic or electrical enhancements.

7. Pinpoint shall not be held liable for damage caused to inadequately packaged returned products.

8. Pinpoint shall not be held liable for products lost in the post unless a proof of delivery can be supplied.

9. All repairs will be commenced on a first-in-first-out basis, within 48 hours after receipt of goods, where feasible.

10. All repairs and/or replacements are subject to availability.

11. Returned products not of our supply will not be accepted under any warranty system. In these circumstances the claim would be rejected, and customers advised. The parts would be retained for 28 days awaiting instructions, after which time, they would be scrapped. The return of these items will be at the customers cost, unless delivery with normal stock is requested.

12. Battery replacement is only available on opting for our WAR-316-28 or WAR-316-5B options. All other warranty options exclude replacement battery.

13. Products should be used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s instructions and training.

14. We reserve the right to reject claims where damage has occurred through product modification from original specification.

15. We reserve the right to amend these warranty terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of changes the revised terms and conditions will be issued to customers with active warranties.

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